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Image by Jonathan Pielmayer

*Support your dog’s dental health! Frozen carrots can help support dental health by gently scraping the teeth and preventing plaque build-up. Mechanical scraping of the teeth and massaging of the gums by chewing on tough chews is one of the ways to give your dog’s teeth a gentle, daily cleaning.

*Low calorie and low-fat treat for your pet. If your pup is diabetic, has a tummy pooch, or is working on their figure, carrots can provide him with low-calorie satisfaction for sweet and crunchy cravings between feedings. It is also perfect snack to reward your fur friend.

*Can help canines with bowel movement regularity. Carrots are high in soluble fibre. If your dog has loose stools, he may benefit by adding carrots to his diet. It may help to add some bulk to his stools.

*Rich in beta-carotene that is a precursor to Vitamin A. Beta-carotene also works as an antioxidant, helping to prevent disease and infection. It is important for healthy skin and hair coat, normal bone development, reproductive health, general eye health, and cancer prevention. Specialists saying, that there is little chance that Vitamin A supplementation will improve diminished eyesight caused by injury, however, it has been shown to prevent cataracts and other eye diseases when used prophylactically.


*** Cats may reap the same health benefits as dogs when fed carrots***


Ways to safely feed carrots to your pet:

* Complete Meals with Carrot - easily add grated carrots on top of you pet prepared food for an extra boost of flavour and nutrition. Be sure to wash your carrots thoroughly before grating or preparing them for your pet.

* Juice carrots for your dog - Most dogs enjoy the sweet sate of carrot juice, and it’s a healthy option to share with your pup. The carrot will lose its high fibre content through the process of juicing, but you can still add some pulp back into their juice before feeding it to your dog to retain its full nutrition. Best option is to juice the carrots yourself.

* Steam and mash carrots for your dog - You can steam carrots for your dog and mash them into a paste, or blend for a tasty carrot puree. Whenever you steam or cook the carrots, you reap the full nutritional benefits for your dog.

* Freeze carrots for your dog - For teething puppies, whole frozen carrots can do wonders to help relieve discomfort. It’s important not to freeze and feed baby carrots, as they can pose a choking hazard. 



Break down carrots into flakes or a fine mush before freezing into cubes! This makes the carrots easier for your pups to digest. 


***Treats, whatever kind they may be, should also not exceed 10% of your dog’s diet***



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