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Dog eating birthday cake, celebrating birthday with human family

Here at Goldie Pets Party Bakery & Supply in Stevenage, we create a wide range of oven-baked, super-tasty, grain-free dog birthday cakes, biscuits, and treats to celebrate every special day of your baby pooch and kitty. Baked fresh for order! Mix & match your unique celebration packet today!


As a unique kind of human being, with a pet-loving heart, YOU always want to make sure that your beloved pet's celebration (Birthday, Gotchaday, Festival, Holiday) is special. YOU want their every single day to be special. And YOU do not want to feel guilty about feeding them 'trash food', do you?

No worries, here we come to help!

We believe that high-quality ingredients plus a dash of heart will make YOUR pets happy and healthy.

The healthy ingredients we use in Goldie's kitchen will commit to improving your pet's health, well-being, and appearance with shiny coats, stronger joints, extra energy, and fitness. 

We care

  • Our cakes and biscuits are made of only natural, human-grade ingredients sourced locally to support British farmers and traders.

  • We said NO to palm oil, xylitol, artificial ingredients, preservatives, by-products, derivatives, and fillers.

  • Instead, we use high-quality, fresh, naturally sweet, and aromatic ingredients like pure meat of your choice, free-range eggs, fresh herbs, homemade pumpkin puree, organic honey, carob powder and coconut flour, and natural 100% pure peanut butter and coconut oil. 

  • We are registered with Trading Standards and as a DEFRA-approved Pet Food Plant, we comply with APHA regulations. Our Head Chef has completed Pet Nutrition Diploma.

What people say


Bella's birthday cake looked amazing and dogs devoured it, bearing in mind I have very fussy dogs. The treats are fresh and they loved them too. The service was amazing. Will definitely be recommending you to all our friends with dogs and will be ordering again.


These treats are absolutely amazing. Made with such attention to details. Even my clients fussier dogs can't resist them! They have that real special quality about them and feel like an absolute treat for our four legged friends.


My greyhound Possum just adores all the Goldies cakes and treats we have tried. I  am happy to give her them as the ingredients are healthy and beautifully freshly made with no additives or preservatives. I would highly recommend Goldiepetsparty for anyone who loves to give their dogs or cats healthy and delicious treats for special occasions - or in fact for any day.

Don't believe a word? 

Try it for yourself (your pet I mean ;))

Find me at the heart of Hitchin Market every other Saturday and grab a bag of free samples to taste and test.

If you don’t see anything on the website to fit the theme of your celebration, please message me and I’ll come up with an offer customized especially for you.

Lots of love to you and your pets

Wioletta - Goldie Pets Party Bakery & Supply

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